OSCommerce at King West Flowers

by Ron Foreman on October 10, 2006


Oct 10/06
In catalog/includes/classes/order_total.php, lines 69 and 70 had the formulae: 7/15 and 8/15. I changed them to 6/14 and 8/14.

Oct 1/06
I have almost everything working here: http://kingwestflowers.com/.

The tax (Canada & Ontario) works fine at 7% GST and 8% PST but when I change the 7% to 6% the total tax calculates correctly but the breakdown of GST and PST is wrong.

Sale: $100.00
GST: $6.53 (should be: $6.00)
PST: $7.47 (should be : $8.00)
Total: $114.00 Correct

We have searched in many of the php files where the calculations are made and can’t find a solution. There must be somebody who has this working in Canada; the tax went down from 7% to 6% July 1/06.

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