Waterloo Innovation Summit 2017

Hacking the Future: Waterloo Innovation Summit 2017
Waterloo Region Innovation Ecosystem Tour: Wednesday SAP, Communitech, Velocity (largest free business incubator in the world), Velocity Garage, Accelerator Centre, Startups: Built to Scale. The university has no equity in any startups. Also toured the Perimeter Institute, 175 physicists, no labs.

Keynote: Jared Cohen, from 2.6 to 7 billion smart phones by 2020, an access revolution, ubiquity of technology, machines can do a lot of what humans do well, machines can read lips, understand text and translate, simultaneously translate with accents or a specific persons voice, assign emotional tone to a voice, AI: health diagnosis after medical history data entry, data is the new oil, easier to access, increasing not depleting, data breach like an oil spill, next war will begin as a cyber war, patriotic trolling, digital paramilitaries, weaponization of fake news, transnational meddling, absence of rules, we should move from a focus on cyber security to better digital health, updating software. How digital ubiquity will change your world, according to Jared Cohen

Mike Lazidirus, Quantum Valley, 1st quantum revolution was transistors, chips, 2nd quantum revolution coming, Perimeter Institute, Institute for Quantum Computing, quantum computing, fabrication of quantum materials, very disrupting, quantum simulators, quantum teleporting. Lazidirus has invested hundreds of millions in Quantum Valley in the Waterloo region. Canada poised to lead in the “second quantum revoluation”: Mike Lazaridis

Thomas Dolby, musician and technology entrepreneur, presentation included ‘She blinded me with science’

Amber Case: cyborg anthropologist, (Cyborg – Wikipedia): 50 billion devices online by 2020, interruptive technology, Case promotes Calm Technology based on the principles of Mark Weiser: The purpose of a computer is to help you do something else. The best computer is a quiet, invisible servant. The more you can do by intuition the smarter you are; the computer should extend your unconscious. Technology should create calm. Better living through calm technology – Amber Case speaks at WINS17

Open government, Canada #2 behind U.K. It is a different culture, requires adjustment, Ancestry.com makes available data on citizens, government regulatory not ready (e.g. Uber), AI will bring big change: Block Chain, reforming procurement, shortening the time to delivery, as a force for disruption. Canadian digital service launching.

Melisa Hathaway, Cyber Security, there are NO good stewards for your data. Microsoft not secure. They release unsecure software and fix the problems with later patches. See images of her presentation below. Click on the thumbnails for a larger image. Click on the larger image to return here.

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Ted Livingston, KIK Messenger, KIN cryptocurrency, Kin: a decentralized ecosystem of digital services for daily life, raised 100 million from 138 countries, every decade a major innovation: PC, Internet, Mobile Phone, Crypto currency. Wechat biggest chat in China, invested 50million in Kik. Money transfers, bypassing banks. Facebook disruptive.

Tom Waller, Lululemon, White Space, athletic performance enhancement

Pursue problems that matter: Tesla’s JB Straubel on innovation and success

Day 1 Video Highlights
Waterloo Innovation Summit 2017 Day 2 Highlights